How to get money to test games and apps Making people test mobile apps and video games before public release is necessary for many game developers who don’t want to receive many negative reviews from customers when their products finally launch.

Game apps are easy to use, and one of the best ways to find them is to hire beta game testers so you can get real feedback before the official game or app launch.

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Most game developers and all companies go to third-party websites or resources to hire beta game testers, who are just people in everyday life and users of real apps or video game players. When they register and pay the fee, the tester will be registered to use the product and provide feedback.

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As a game tester, your role may vary according to project requirements. But you will be able to accept all projects and tasks before you have to play games and make money.

Please note that your review and feedback do not always have to be positive. Be honest to help game developers improve their games or apps.

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